These Bandana Brands Have Our Bark of Approval

Date: September 15, 2018
Brands We Love

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isabella-and-penelope-dog-bandanas.pngIf you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve probably noticed it’s rare Isabella and Penelope are out and about without bandanas. Why? For several reasons - they’re cute, they’re funny, and they give us a creative way to show the girls’ personalities.

Penny also loves to get dressed up! When we pull out the bandanas, she literally sniffs through them and finds the one she wants to wear. Bella’s not as vain (ha!). She gets excited about bandanas because she knows it means we’re leaving the house and getting out and about.

All that said, there are tons of bandana makers in the marketplace right now. With our vast collection continuing to grow, we’ve found a few brands that stand apart from the rest in our book. And that’s why we’re sharing them with you! 

So, without further ado, here are our favorite bandana brands and our favorite prints in their shops right now. It's time to stock up on those fall prints! 


If you ’re looking for super trendy, traditional style bandanas, look no further. StJamesandCo (SaintJamesCo on Etsy) offers high-quality fabrics and stitching in a variety of evergreen and seasonal prints. Each bandana has the StJamesandCo fabric logo on it, but their logo is so stylish it adds to the charm. 

When I’m looking for bandanas that genuinely represent Penny’s personality, this is always my first stop. From various food-related, silly prints to standard everyday bandanas, this shop has a lot to offer. 

As I said, the bandanas are traditional in style, so you fold the fabric to create the shape, and they tie in the front. These bandanas fit true to size, and they wash up well.

A great thing about StJamesandCo is that they offer bundles so you can get a discount for purchasing several bandanas at once. 

Here are a few of my favorites in the StJamesandCo shop right now:





Brody’s Bandanas

Brody’s Bandanas truly is a unique bandana brand. Rather than using cotton and stitching like other brands, Brody’s bandanas are created from a spandex/polyester blend and are cut so there is no folding over the fabric. 

What I like about this is that these bandanas are super lightweight and breathable, so they’re fantastic in the summertime. It gets so hot in North Carolina, and the girls are swimming all the time; the last thing I want is to put something on them that is going to make them warmer or hinder their movement. 

The prints are always fun, the bandanas fit true to size, and they wash up great. Shop a few of my favorites right now and get 10% off using code ISABELLAPENELOPE10:





Stella Mae & Co.

So this is a bandana brand that is near and dear to our heart. Why? Because it's Isabella and Penelope's Grandma's shop! 

Not only are all the Stella Mae & Co. creations super cute, but each collar, bandana, and leash is made from 100% cotton and are super high-quality. One of our favorite things about Stella Mae & Co. bandanas is that there are two styles to select from - tie-on or slip-on.

The tie-on bandanas are the traditional style of bandana that you see; they are square and you fold them over and tie them in the front. The slip-on ones are super unique. They have a fold where you slip them on over the dog's collar. Not only does this keep them in place all day without the knot coming undone, but for shorter dogs, you don't have to worry about them tripping over the knot as well.

Stella Mae & Co. releases new prints seasonally and also has staples you can find in the shop throughout the year! Get 15% off when you shop using code ISABELLAPENELOPE15!


2018_christmas_bears-trees-plaid-stripes (3) (1).jpg


2018_fall_daisy-black-bg (6) (1).jpg

Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. was actually created by the humans behind @dogsofinstagram. Inspired by their dog Lucy, Lucy & Co. creates high-quality collars, leads, bandanas, and more. Even better, the brand donates a portion of all proceeds to animal rescue foundations such as True Friends Animal Welfare Center, Found My Animal and Faithful Pet Rescue. 

Lucy & Co.’s bandanas are the traditional style where you fold them over to create the shape, and they tie in the front. The prints are always so pretty, and new ones are released seasonally. Plus, the quality of the fabric and stitching is superb. 

In my opinion, they do run a little large in length so I generally have to fold them over once or twice to fit Isabella and Penelope just right even though I order the correct size for their necks.

Here are a few of the prints in my shopping cart right now:


lucy-and-co-christmas-plaid-bandana-isabella-and-penelope (1).png


Olivia and Lemon

If you follow @isabellaandpenelope on Instagram, you know I already love Olivia and Lemon’s collars, but they also make bandanas, and they also make bandanas! This shop’s bandanas are true to size, wash up great and are traditional in style. 

If you’re a fan of Lucy & Co.’s floral prints, but they’re out of your budget, take a look at Olivia and Lemon as they often have some great dupes. 

Here are a few of my faves:



Questions or Comments? 

Have any questions about the brands mentioned above, sizing for bandanas, or anything else? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment or send us a message.