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Date: May 19, 2018
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isabella-and-penelope-sleepy-cotton-co.pngThe world of ‘dog crazies’ is a cool one to be in. Dog people are so kind, everyone spells ‘human’ as ‘hooman,’ and you get to meet so many cute pups! It’s a common saying that “dogs have better hearts than us,” so it shouldn’t be a surprise that dog people are the best people. 

On our journey since starting Isabella + Penelope, we’ve met some of the best dog people and their pups. We’ve also been introduced to some incredibly innovative dog brands who are standing behind essential causes. One of those brands is Sleepy Cotton Co.! 

We’re so excited to partner with Sleepy Cotton Co. to provide you all with products made of premium, natural materials, and healthy ingredients; all manufactured in an environmentally conscious process. 

Read on to learn more about Sleepy Cotton Co., to view some of our favorite products in their shop right now, and to get a discount code to use for 10% off your purchase at checkout!

sleepy cotton co logoAbout Sleepy Cotton Co.

The mission of Sleepy Cotton is to improve the wellness of furry friends, their “parents” and the Earth. 

isabella-and-penelope-sleepy-cotton-leashes.pngThat’s why its efforts are dedicated to not only using natural materials and environmental-friendly processes but also to reduce the using materials, ingredients, and methods involving harsh chemicals. Products using these harsh chemicals contribute to damaging the health of humans, animals and the Earth.

Another great thing about Sleepy Cotton Co. is none of their products involve any animal testing, and they use no materials, such as leather, that involve inhumane processes.

Plus, Sleepy Cotton donates 10% of all profits to animal shelters across the US! Now, what’s not to love? 

Our Faves

Within the shop, you’ll find an assortment of dog leashes, all natural dog shampoos and balms, and merchandise for all the dog crazies out there.

Here are a few of our favorite Sleepy Cotton products right now:

Upcycled Core Cotton Rope Dog Leash - Grey

The Upcycled Core Cotton Rope Dog Leash is the softest leash ever. The material comes from upcycled yarns in the fashion industry, and the color comes from chemical-free dyes. There’s three different size options available and a couple of different colors, but I just love this grey. 


Cotton Rope Dog Leashes

I love this leash; it’s what brought me into the loop with Sleepy Cotton in the first place. They are super cute, wash up well, the color stays true, and they’re strong. Isabella and Penelope are not the easiest on their leashes, which is typically why my husband and I use rope climbing leashes with them. However, these cotton leads are super durable and still give you a lot of control. 

The dark green and navy are some of my favorite colors right now. And if you’re looking for a set of two for two puppers, check out their packages. I love this Unicorn set right now - the aqua and purple colors are so pretty paired together.




Dog Spa Bar Shampoo - Repel

sleepy-cotton-natural-clay-bar-repel-4.jpgSleepy Cotton has a variety of dog shampoos available, but the Repel is by far my favorite, especially with the summer months coming up. The ingredients are great for drawing toxins out of your dog’s body, for relieving muscle stiffness (from all the swimming and hiking!), for eliminating dandruff, and for repelling bugs (mosquitoes be gone!).

It’s a gentle formula made with relaxing aromatherapies and 100% therapeutic-grade, dog-safe essential oils, and no parabens, phosphates, SLS, or synthetic dyes. You can view the full list of ingredients here.

Plus, it’s easy to rinse off. All you dog people will long-haired pups know how important that is! I swear, sometimes it felt like I was spending 10+ minutes rinsing out Isabella’s coat.

Shiny Dog Melting Balm - Calming

sleepy-cotton-shiny-dog-melting-balm-calming-lavender.jpgOne of Sleepy Cotton’s newer products, this balm is insane. Like the shampoos, it’s made from all-natural ingredients and dog-friendly essential oils. It’s great to use on their coat after a bath, anytime you pup’s starting to get a little smelly (this stuff works wonders on stinky Penelope!), or just anytime you notice dry skin. This balm is also a natural sun protectant, so if your pup has lighter or thin fur, it’s great to use as a sunscreen. I like to put a little on Penny’s white toes when she’s going to be outside for a while.

I love the Calming balm as it utilizes lavender. Isabella is terrified of thunderstorms, and I’ve found that a little of this around her neckline truly eases some of her anxiety. 

The ‘Sorry I’m Late’ Tee

All of you dog crazies know why I love this t-shirt! C’mon, it’s a universal rule! No way are you allowed to move when your pup is sitting on you (ha!). But on a more serious note, this tee is made out of baby-knit jersey material, so it’s super soft and cozy. 

sleepy cotton co t-shirt

The ‘Cuddle Dog and Repeat’ Cotton Tote Bag

Where are my dog moms at? Now, I know I ere on the side of over-prepared… maybe not all of us stuff dog bones in their purses to keep their pups occupied when you’re out and about…. but the Sleepy Cotton totes are fantastic.

I love this one because I can relate to everything on it on a spiritual level. AND because it holds all my crazy dog lady things! 

sleepy cotton tote

Get 10% Off Your Sleepy Cotton Purchase!

We’re so excited to partner with Sleepy Cotton Co., and we’re even more excited to bring you all a discount code for 10% off your purchase! 

Use code ‘isabellaandpenelope10’ at checkout for 10% of your purchase, and load yourself and your pup up with some animal-friendly goodies!